IT Service Management


Planning and implementing IT Service Management or ITSM in an effective and efficient manner requires careful assessment, thorough value-driven customer-focused planning, coordinated execution and realization of visible business benefits early in the initiative. At Xceedure, we offer a range of services in order to provide you both flexibility and control to define how you would like us to partner with you in your ITSM implementation journey.

Value Delivered

Irrespective of who is leading the engagement, in order to ensure that the very much need sponsorship, support and funding stays alive, it is absolutely critical to ensure that measurable business and / or customer benefits resulting from investing in IT Service Management are delivered within the first six months of the effort. With the current economic landscape, this becomes even more critical.

Xceedure will partner with you in defining your IT Service Management vision and in ensuring that the vision is effectively realized and measurable benefits are realized within the first six months of our engagement. That is our commitment.

Key Services

ITSM Feasibility & Planning Services

Some of the key activities included in these services are as follows:

  • IT Service Management / ITILv3 Executive Awareness Workshop
  • Organizational ITSM Strategy Creation
  • High-level ITSM Maturity Assessment
  • Proposal Development & Feasibility Study
  • ITSM Program Prioritization & Definition
  • IT Organizational Design, Definition & Alignment
ITSM Implementation Services

Some of the key activities included in these services are as follows:

  • IT Service Catalog Design & Development
  • Current State ITSM Process Assessment
  • Current State IT Service Assessment
  • Target State ITSM Process Definitions
  • ITSM Process Automation Architecture & Design
  • ITSM Process Automation Implementation
  • IT Service Improvement
ITIL Expert Consulting Services

ITIL Expert Consulting includes other client-specific services that may be required.