EA Development & Management (EAD&M)


When it comes to Enterprise Architecture, we find as many definitions and perceptions as our clients. Each organization is unique. And what makes it unique is not the architecture methods but the people, their perceptions and experiences, business drivers, IT maturity, processes, and structures to name a few. One solution does not fit all and no single method will provide the right architecture management capabilities to help you achieve your objectives. In addition, with the drive towards achieve business-IT alignment through service management, it is even more critical to define, and in some cases, re-define EA and how it is positioned to help realize the most value.

A well-design EA capability will enable you to achieve the following:

Our expert consultants,with their years of architecture development and management experience, are fully equipped to deliver to you the highest quality architecture development and management services.

Key Services

EA Framework and Process Definition & Development

Our consultants have deep experience in working with our clients to build business-tailored EA frameworks and processes. Over the course of this activity, our consultants work with you to define your organization-specific architecture methods and build in-house architecture capabilities and skills so that you are able to manage your architectures effectively.

EA Tool Assessment & Selection

We possess expertize in a range of industry leading EA tools including IDS-Scheer ARIS, Proforma, Lombardi, Telelogic and Casewise. We perform tool evaluaion and recommendation based on your specific business needs and therefore we strongly recommend that this service is combined with "EA Framework and Process Definition & Development" service to realize the most value from the EA initiative.

Since we are truly vendor-independent with expertize in most of the top-quadrant leading EA development and management platforms, we provide un-biased recommendations.

Current State & Target State Architecture Analysis & Docuumentation

If you are a medium to large size organization wth hundreds of thousands of infrastructure (hardware as well as software) components, it will neither make business nor financial sense to try to identify, document and manage each and every component (or Configuration Item). 80/20 rules applies to IT components as well - not everything is equally important because not every components creates the same business value. We will assess your service portfolio, identify the most critical services that you deliver and help establish both current state as well as target state architectures. Our goal is always to help build your in-house EA capabilities so that you are able to continue to manage your architectures.

EA Outsourcing & Management

Building and managing architectures is expensive. Talented resources are rare and not cheap. Tools are powerful but can easily provide an inaccurate picture due to low quality data and your strategic may be flawed if you use the information produced from questionnable data. Integrating arhitecture management within an organization can be somewhat a cultural challenge.

If you are a small to medium size company (with under 500 servers in your datacenter), outsourcing the development and management of your architectures may be the most feasible option for you. We are unique in the way we will manage your architectures. You will have all the benefits of in-house architecture function at a fraction of a cost.

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