Business Process Management (BPM)

Process derives and determine the quality of product and / or services that will be delivered to the end customer. Simply put, processes underpin the quality of the process output. For example, in a financial services company, how flawlessly and efficiently a loan application is processed and managed from its initiation from the final decision and the ongoing management of the loan account is determined by the quality of the underpinning "Loan Origination Process". if, for example, the "Loan Origination Process" is flawed, it will eventually lead to flawed decision leading to higher risk loan disbursement. No matter how elegantly you automate a given process, if is is broken, it will result in a broken product.

Processes, just like any other assets, need to be managed i.e., owned, envisioned, defined, managed and continually improved, and retired when the product of the process is not longer needed. Tools must be architected and implemented in support of a process. For IT, its business processes are those that lead to the creation and delivery of IT Services. The lifecycle management of a given process is achieve through BPM.

Therefore, BPM is integral to the continual improvement and management of processes and to the continual improvements of services delivered.

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